Friday, 28 May 2010

Prince Of Persia

Sebenarnya tak merancang pun nak tengok Movie Prince Of Persia semalam tapi disebabkan Amin kata tiket murah RM7, aku pun layan je la sekali ngan Mirul. Tengok preview dia cam tak best so plan nak tido ar dalam panggung tu cam masa citer Furry Vegeance yang mana sampai skang bebudak nih xpueh ati ngan aku dah la  diaorang belanja, aku yang pilih citer pastu aku plak yang tido..haha.

I gave 4.5 out of 5stars (no body perfect although this movie near to a term I call perfection). If you ask me what I learned from it I can say that its all about the value of brotherhood, yes it is also a romantic film between Princess Tamina and Prince Dastan. Malas citer lelebih bleh tengok synopsis kat sini....(Click Here) 

So now almost all the movies in the cinema I have watched which can showed how bored I am, so now it is the time to focus on my practical training which will start on Tuesday.....hehe I like 'buzyness'. Tak taw le dua tiga bulan pasni I will say the same thing. Look and see....