Thursday, 27 October 2011

Nottingham Malaysian Games 2011

In two weeks time, Insyallah I'll represent Teesside University in Malaysian Nottingham Games to play lightning chess and squash. (Wakil Universiti tu...haha.) Yesterday, alhamdulillah me and my partner who will play squash single women trained together in the Olympia Building, the Sport Centre for this University. 

I also hope that on the day of the event I'll bring back a least a medal for our team although I know that it is not easy to represent the university to compete with others well known Universities such as Manchester University, Oxford, Cambridge, and a few others but I'll try my best. At least it will be of my best memory since I can't represent UiTM since they have a lot of good squash players...hehe. 

Nottingham Malaysian Games 2011....this event also will be sponsored by Idea  Master =)

Monday, 17 October 2011

London Time =)

First of all, thanks to The God since He gave us the time to visit London, one of the busiest metropolitan in the world. Our journey began as early as at 7am in the morning since we need to go to the bus station which located around 10 to 20 minutes of walking from our house. We chose Megabus to go to London before we heard from our colleagues that this bus quite uncomfortable compared to other buses but for us it is ok since at least we know what does it mean by Megabus.When it arrived, it is not as bad as what we heard, if not ok for all of us then it is ok at least for me =)

Victoria Coach Station, London 

5 hours travel from Middlesbrough Bus Station to Victoria Coach Station, London. Although we're tired but it's a happy time since this is the first time for us except Nassa to be here in London...peace Nassa..hehe.After the arrival we went to the building which Malaysians proud of, the Malaysian Hall to take our lunch and to have a prayer.

The Entrance to the Malaysia Hall's Cafe

Meals are around 4-6pounds and they serve Malaysian foods like Kerepok lekor, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Briyani etc. I took Nasi Lemak which cost me 4pound which equal to RM20 (1GBP = RM5) makan kat otel lak =p. Baru dua minggu sampai dah rindu makanan Malaysia dulu kat Malaysia xbersyukur dapat makan nasi lemak satu RM2....huhu. Sini kena bayar RM20 untuk nasi yang xde la banyak sangat =( tp alhamdulillah =)

Can you guess where is the above venue? 
Yup, it's the Stamford Bridge, Home to the Chelsea FC 
xbeli ape2 kat sini coz mahal and I'm not a Chelsea FC Fan, I'm truly Man Utd Fan ok...hehe

Our next and next next and next3 destinations are..

The Big Ben
The Trafalgar Square
The Royal Observatory Greenwich, tempat GMT = 0 (GMT itself stand for Greenwich Mean Time)

Among Mosques in London
The East London Mosque
Brick Lane Jamme Masjid
Tapi kan, kami x semayang pun kat sini I mean solat Fardhu, sepanjang jalan2 kat kota Uncle Ben ni kami semayang di Changing Room & kat tangga-tangga (aku je kot kat tangga...hehe), sedih kan...thanks God from it we learned the value of Islam =)

Last but not least...

 Thanks to all especially Raihan & Ezni for the accommodation kalau dak tak taw mane nak duduk..chewah..hehe. Merasa gak kami dok kat Hostel bebudak pandai yang universitinya kat tengah2 kota london =)

Thanks to Farah Asyikin & Mardihah for the food...Takoyaki kalau xsilap nama makanan tu  

Tak lupa kepada Subway coz bawak kami jalan2...

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Hi UK, I'm Back

Thanks to The God, at last after 23 years, I'm back to a country named United Kingdom. My birthplace...Insyallah I will do my best here, for me it's really a long journey. If Sheikh Muzaphar waited for 25 Years to go to somewhere that he really wanna to go, alhamdulillah I have to wait shorter than him did. 

A picture can mean thousand of words let's picturing sini dan sana...ha3 =p 

Schipol Airport Magazine 
My Boarding Pass From Amsterdam to Newcastle International Airport 
 An Exchange Bureau in Schipol
 What a big lollipop =)
A Coffee Bar, In Euro Please...
Naseb baek tulis dalam BI...hehe
KLM, If Malaysia has MAS, then Netherland or Holland with its KLM
While waiting for our flight to Newcastle 
Just like other bin when we go to airport 

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