Monday, 30 November 2009


Today Iqa and I went for a ….oh no no…two movies at Jaya Jusco Kinta City. We watched two movies Christmas Carol and Twilight Saga: New Moon. For me, both movies are really good, the first one about materialistic greedy old man and the second one which a blockbuster….a romantic movie end with a violent ending. 

Actually we want to watch only a movie, that blockbuster movie but the ticket already sold out and only tickets at 4.30pm left so I take decision to watch a movie before “Twilight”. Firstly I think I want to watched Senario Beach Boy but Iqa convince me to watch the Christmas Carol movie….huhu I thought it is a real movie, but it is a cartoon but after watched it I really like it. 

First Movie: 1.30pm-A Christmas Carol

This movie adapted from novel written by Charles Dickens

A mean-spirited, miserly old man named Ebenezer Scrooge sits in his counting-house on a frigid Christmas Eve. His clerk, Bob Cratchit, shivers in the anteroom because Scrooge refuses to spend money on heating coals for a fire. Scrooge's nephew, Fred, pays his uncle a visit and invites him to his annual Christmas party. Two portly gentlemen also drop by and ask Scrooge for a contribution to their charity. Scrooge reacts to the holiday visitors with bitterness and venom, spitting out an angry "Bah! Humbug!" in response to his nephew's "Merry Christmas!"

Later that evening, after returning to his dark, cold apartment, Scrooge receives a chilling visitation from the ghost of his dead partner, Jacob Marley. Marley, looking haggard and pallid, relates his unfortunate story. As punishment for his greedy and self-serving life his spirit has been condemned to wander the Earth weighted down with heavy chains. Marley hopes to save Scrooge from sharing the same fate. Marley informs Scrooge that three spirits will visit him during each of the next three nights. After the wraith disappears, Scrooge collapses into a deep sleep. And after that.....ermmmm you'll watch lar this movie,k. What I can say is this movie make me to realized that whoever u are you will go back to your creator so never be so mean to people around  u....huhu sedih but happy ending.   

After jer Christmas Carol abeh, we went for Zohor Prayer and take a lunch at KFC before we continue to watch that blockbuster movie which rugi kalau x tengok…..New Moon. 

Second Movie: 4.30pm-Twilight Saga: New Moon

Adapted from a novel written by Stephenie Meyer
Last time we see saw Bella Swan she was narrowly escaping the clutches of the evil vampire James while finding love with ''vegetarian'' vampire Edward Cullen. Bella and Edward's lives have been full of nothing but love and bliss however, it all changes one fateful day. On Bella's birthday, her new found friend and sister of Edward, Alice, decides to throw her lavish party, complete with balloons, ribbons and cake that could feed an army. All is well until Bella accidentally cuts her finger whilst opening a present. The result is that Jasper Hale, the newest addition to the Cullen clan, succumbs to his blood lust and attacks Bella. Edward decides that while he and his family are around, Bella's life will always be at risk. So he decides to leave her for her own good. Bella feels her life is over. Enter Jacob Black, a member of the Quilite tribe who manages to bring some joy and meaning back into Bella's life. However as the two become closer, Bella discovers Jacob has a secret of his own- he's a werewolf. As if that wasn't bad enough Bella can't seem to get the love of her life, Edward out of her mind. With new dangers, new friends and new enemies, Bella finds herself choosing between holding on to the past or accepting a new future. But what and more importantly who will she choose? (From

There are a few words that I like in this movie:
“It is my job to protect you"

"You do not belong to my world"

"You will not see me anymore. I swear and goodbye"

"You must start to love what is good for you"

" I not like ur car that u can make up"

"leaving u are the most difficult thing in my 100 years lifetime"

"Thank you for guarding her for me while I'm away" 
My conclusion of this movie is Jacob is a werewolf and this movie begin with a birthday girl with her birthday celebration (Bella).

New Moon ad at MPH Bookstore...

Three peoples that i know....Bella, Edward and Jacob

Tengok citer laen...amek gambar citer laen...haha...Alvin And Chipmunks...

Iqa with Christmas Carol...

During New Moon movie....

Before back home, we went to Court Mammoths for a window shopping…haha.
There are a few things that I learned  today such as:
1.       Whoever we are we cannot ignored the poor because they also have their rights.
2.       Love is something hard to tell, whatever you do maybe it is still not worth with a love from somebody.
3.       You must plan whatever you want to do coz if not maybe it will cost you more.
“Do not forget to watch these movies”
Mohd Ashraf Bin Mohd Zabidi
Movies lover

Top Ten News Today (30 Nov 2009)

It is already a few days come pass that I haven't do any comment on the top news headlines. If before I do comments about the the news in Bahasa but today I will try to comment it in English for the purpose to improve my English coz I know only practice will make you become perfect.

News From New Strait Times Online

This issue is really hot today, Nik Aziz who knows deeply about Islam did a doa that Malaysia to be damaged and crushed if Datuk Seri Najib Razak lead Malaysia for next few years. Yes, it is not a problem if you have different politic understanding between u and your government but one thing that u must know that please don't do the doa hoping Malaysia to be damaged or crushed coz it is unfair to others and as a religion scholars I think he know more.

Actually I look this matter from two perspective, pro and con. From a good side, we can give our own citizens jobs instead of hired foreigners then it will make our GDP  to develop at a steady growth. While from the negative side I see this matter will make diplomatic relationship between Bangladesh and Malaysia to be at risk. I think what Bangladesh try to do now is to find a solution as a threat to Malaysia if this Ban thing continue.

Declaration 1128 is a declaration that limited President's power. Of course, Tee Keat will reject it coz as a president who always wants power this limitation will make it difficult to manage this biggest chinese party. However, as a good leader and president, Tee Keat have to accept it coz it is from the voters and the members. He will accept it if he trust in democracy, if not there is no meaning in MCA anymore.

Dato Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said we must focus more on South China Sea defence issue rather than Straits of Malacca because for the time being piracy in Straits of Malacca  can be classified as good enough. He also said that to defend and protect South China Sea, we need to work with other five countries which connected to the Sea. For me whatever it is, please never make piracy in Straits of Malacca a joke because every day it is a thousand of ships use this strait especially commercial ships.
 Today this project really offers a number of jobs, I hope it will generate more jobs to be offered when this project expected to be completed in and will give a big impact towards Malaysia GDP. I also expected that there are a numbers of SME will be developed around the area...insyallah.

If a few days ago, Selangor bar their state''s staff from BTN courses, today Penang does it and I think maybe after this Kedah, Perak and Kelantan will do the same thing. All these thing happen because of politic...huhu. From my own experience, BTN not talk about politic but what it touch is about 'ketuanan melayu' and patriotisme. Whatever it is the power belong to the state's government to determine the best for its workers.

Yesterday Commenwealth accepting a new member in their organization. The country that I  mean is Rwanda from yesterday Rwanda will invited to any conference like CHOGM, Commenwealth Games and etc. I want to say welcome to this country and hope this will helps this country to develop economically, potically and in better diplomatic relationship between countries in the Commenwealth.

Parang in the celebration of birthday, I don't know what happened to those people today. Lost their mind and do something really out of sense of human being. Where is our humanity, where is our feeling, where is our sympahthy....huhu I really sad with this world, more modern our world, more poeples will become the victims...huhu.

4 police officers shot dead at Parkland, Wash Coffeehouse.....ermmm I don't want to comment it in a long words....just enough to say that this world development produces a human without feeling....huhu

Two years verbal contract as a  birthday present for Ryan Giggs is quite enough to tell us how much this player value is. I admired Giggs as one of the players that steady played in EPL although now he is 36 years old, quite old for a midfielder like him. His goals during last match with Portsmouth that sometimes age does not tell us whether a player fitness. Whatever it is I hope the best from him to help Manchester win this season's EPL and Champions League. 

Salam Berita

Mohd Ashraf Bin Mohd Zabidi
News Reporter For What Does It Mean By Human Being Blog Site


Sekiranya anda adalah seorang melayu yang mencintai bangsanya lagu ini adalah salah satu lagu yang tidak boleh tidak dilupakan dalam sanubari kita. Bukan bersifat perkauman tetapi untuk memajukan negara, bangsa perlu dimajukan dan untuk memajukan bangsa, keluarga anda perlu diutamaakan dan dimajukan....insyallah.


Anak kecil main api
Terbakar hatinya yang sepi
Airmata darah bercampur keringat
Bumi dipijak milik orang

Nenek moyang kaya raya
Tergadai seluruh harta benda
Akibat sengketa sesama kita
Cinta lenyap di arus zaman

Indahnya bumi kita ini
Warisan berkurun lamanya
Hasil mengalir ke tangan yang lain
Pribumi merintih sendiri

Masa depan sungguh kelam
Kan lenyap peristiwa semalam
Tertutup hati terkunci mati
Maruah peribadi dah hilang

Kini kita cuma tinggal kuasa
Yang akan menentukan bangsa
Bersatulah hati bersama berbakti
Pulih kembali harga diri

Kita sudah tiada masa
Majulah dengan maha perkasa
Janganlah terlalai teruskan usaha
Melayu kan gagah di Nusantara

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Selamat Datang Disember...Selamat Tinggal November

Pejam celik pejam celik bulan Disember bakal menjelma dan bulan November bakal meninggalkan kita. Pada sesetengah orang mungkin bulan Disember adalah bulan untuk bercuti khususnya kepada para pelajar sekolah seluruh Malaysia. Tetapi mungkin bulan Disember sebagai bulan bercuti disambut lewat sedikit bagi para pelajar yang sedang menduduki peperiksaan SPM yang dijangka tamat pada  8 Disember ini.

Dibawah adalah tarikh-tarikh penting dalam bulan Disember:

1 - Hari AiDS Sedunia
2 - Hari Kebangsaan UAE
6 - Hari Kebangsaan Finland, Hari Perlembagaan Sepanyol
7 - Hari Peringatan Tragedi Pearl Harbor
8 - Sambutan Hari Ibu di Panama 
10- Hari Penganugerahan Nobel ( Sempena Ulang Tahun Kematian Albert Nobel), Hari Hak Asasi Manusia
12 - Hari Kebangsaan Kenya
15 - Hari Zamenhof
16 - Hari Kemenangan Bangladesh, Reconciliation Day di Afrika Selatan
23 - Hari Ulang Tahun Pemerintah (Emperor) Jepun, Festivus
24 - Christmas Eve
25 - Sambutan Krismas
26 - Boxing Day
28 -Hari Prokolamasi di South Australia
30 - Hari Peringatan Rizal di Filipina

Semoga bulan Disember ini hadirnya dengan penuh keberkatan dan kerahmatan dari Allah S.W.T. dan inilah bulan terakhir untuk memastikan segala target atau fokus/azam kita pada tahun ini untuk dicapai, insyallah...

Twilight Movie.....A Romantic Love Story Between Human With Vampire

I just watched this movie last evening and it is a romantic movie...between a human (Bella) and a Vampire (Edward) and actually this movie adapted from a novel written by Stephenie Meyer. This movie is about a girl who moved to a new city named Folks because of its family problem between her parents. From time to time she try to like the city and the story begin when he went to a high school at the city. 

"Folks High School: Home Of The Spartans"

There she know a man, Edward who actually is a vampire. She start to fall in love with Edward when he save her from a car accident tragedy. There she feel quite weird with Edward coz he safe her in an weird condition where, Edward stop the car by his bare hand and then the car stop and left a at the car.

From there on, Bella try to seek for the truth and she learn something from her friend that it is an assumption where Cullen's Family (Edward Family) is a vampire family which related to the Quilete Legend.

Bella with her friends went to Port Angeles to find a book while her friend wanna to find gowns for the prom..

Here is the book...

 Once again Edward save Bella from those street thugs...

Edward: "I think Bella should take dinner before go back"

Quilete Legends from the Google...

Truthness are found out by herself...

At that time there are three things that Bella know about Edward:

Bella : 'About three things I absolutely positive"
1. Edward was an vampire
2. There is a part in him and i don't know how dominant that part in him might be and thirsted for my blood
3. I was unconditionally and unpredicabbly in love with him

After found out the truth about Edward is a vampire....she see him a day after that and do a confirmation with him, which make Edward to confess himself as a vampire. Carlisle are the one who responsible turn him out as an vampire.

Bella: This really make me fear..... a vampire with a human

After that Bella went to Edward house and see to Cullen's family. His house really really big and modern and not like a typical vampire house...haha

Cullen's Family House...

A vampire who can climbs up trees...

A vampire with a well played piano skill....

One day, Bella went out with Edward and Cullen's Family to play baseball during a bad weather but they founded by a group of vampire who take Bella as their target when they know Bella is a human, this group led by Laurent with two members, James and Victoria....

A vampire who plays baseball

Two group of vampire.....Cullen's Family(right) and Laurent's Group(left)...

James really thirst of Bella's blood and he used some trick which then Bella fell into his hand although Edward try to safe Bella from it.

Although she already know it but Bella let herself to fall into the James' evil hands...

Edward must suck the poison out and stop it after that or this innocent girl will die....

For the first time after a few centuries this vampire, Edward sleep during waiting with passion his love, Bella
At the end of the movie, Bella want to stay at Folks and doesn't want to move to Jacksonville and refuse his mother wants.....and like always this romantic story ends with a happily ever after ending...haha

A good dancer vampire...

Big applause for this movie's director...Catherine Hardwicke

This movie is really really good....if you not watched better watched and follow its cosequences in the cinema now with New Moon Movie...

"A Movie Where The Hunter Fall In Love With Its Victim" 

Best Regards

Mohd Ashraf Bin Mohd Zabidi 
What Does It Mean By Human Being Blog Writer


I looked at the visitors counter for past few days, I found that this visitor visit me a few times. Maybe a new reader of my blog, if he is, I want to say welcome to my blog and hope u enjoy my blog.

In the past three days, this visitor visit me 5 times....less than 12 hours in connection between one visit to another visit. Whatever it is I hope u can come again as soon at your pleasure where we can share experience, thought, and information coz as a Muslim, I need to give others about the knowledge I got although it is a word.

Best Regards especially for a visitor from Abacioglu, Turkey....

Mohd Ashraf Bin Mohd Zabidi
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Saturday, 28 November 2009


Last night, I watched a Malay drama at TV3 which the title is "Taubat Nasuha" and there is one thing that I learned from this Movie is a phrase which sound like this "Kita Menghargainya Bila Kita Kehilangannya".

Synopsis of this Drama is like this, in this story there is a married man who so mean to his wife and he has a hot temper especially to his wife and children. In the office, he has an affair with his boss, his boss convince him to leave his wife but he didn't do it but what he did is ignore his family and focus to his boss.

One day, a group of robbers come to his house where there are only his wife and his children. His wife try to call him by telephone but this man very busy with his affairs with his boss so he once again ignored them, his wife try to tell him that if he not come back, the robber will killed them coz they want moneys...and when that man back to his home after hours of affairs, he realized that his family had been killed by the that time he really regret with what he do. His father-in-law advised him to be patient coz this is qada and qadar from Allah S.W.T...and that man really really regret with what he did coz his irresponsibility make his family life at risk and killed.

At the end of the movie it show this word "Kita Menghargainya Bila Kita Kehilangannya". For me, this word has a deep meaning which it tell us to appreciate whatever we have today. Actually I have experienced this, a simple ignorance will make u  a regret. Last morning before back to Kampong, I went to top up centre to top up my CELCOM but during that time it faced a  line problem so I need to do it again when the line is ok. My Ignorance is when I know the top up is quite expensive (RM50 Coupon) but I still not keep it carefully so when I want to do again the top up process, after that I couldn't find the coupon means if lost ar like u lost RM50 cash....huhu. I'm very very nak xtak nak kene beli top up laen...huhu.

My Top Up RM50 dalam kenangan...huhu. Ignorance will cost you...


Pejam celik pejam celik, pada hari ini genaplah 150 posts "diposted" dalam masa 3 bulan apabila post  "pantun Ultraman dan Aku" dipostkan. Alhamdulillah selama hampir 3 bulan aku membuka blog, sekiranya kadar ini diteruskan kemungkinan besar blog ini akan mencecah 200 posts menjelang hujung tahun ini dan apabila usia blog ini genap setahun ia akan mencapai bilangan posts sebanyak 600 posts. Kepada semua pembaca blog saya, saya ucapkan ribuan terima kasih kerana sudi membaca walaupun adakalanya apa yang penulis tulis menganggu perasaan anda namun begitu bukanlah niat penulis untuk menyentuh sentimen mana-mana pihak. Sebelum berundur penulis menyeru agar pembaca dapat terus memberikan sokongan kepada penulis agar isi penulisannya dapat sama-sama kita kongsi. Yang baik dijadikan sempadan dan yang buruk dijadikan teladan.

Salam Blog,
Mohd Ashraf Bin Mohd Zabidi
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Friday, 27 November 2009

Takbir Raya Dan Maknanya..

 Bacaan Takbir

(Sila klik di gambar untuk gambar yang lebih jelas)


“Allah Maha Besar, Allah Maha Besar, Tidak ada tuhan melainkan Allah dan Allah Maha Besar, Allah Masa Besar dan bagi Allah segala puji-pujian.”

“Allah Maha Besar, Allah Maha Besar, Allah Maha Besar, Allah Maha Besar sebesar-besarnya, Alhamdulillah (segala puji bagi Allah) sebanyak-banyaknya, Maha Suci Allah pagi dan petang.”

“Tiada tuhan melainkan Allah, kami tidak menyembah kecuali kepada-Nya, dengan ikhlas untuk agama (Islam), walaupun dibenci oleh golongan kafir.”

“Tiada tuhan melainkan Allah yang Esa yang benar janji-Nya, yang menolong hamba-Nya, yang memuliakan tentera-tentera-Nya (tentera Muslimin) dengan mengalahkan tentera Ahzab dengan keesaan-Nya.”

“Tiada tuhan melainkan Allah yang Maha Besar, Allah yang Maha Besar dan milik Allah-lah segala puji-pujian.”



7.00 Pagi - Bersiap untuk bersolat dan pulang ke kampung

My home...home sweet home... 

Pagi ni bangun seawal pukul 6.30 pagi...hehe yer ke awal tu....siap awal2 kalau x my mum bising ler...biaser la mak kan, takat membebel tu biaser la. Perempuan ngan bebelan kan tak dapat dipisahkan...yer ke ma. Bebelan dia tu la yang menandakan seorang ibu tu sayangkan anak dia kan kan....

8.30 Pagi- Solat Aidiladha di Masjid Sultan Azlan Shah, Jalan Diary
Hari ini dua orang pembesar Negeri Perak turut sama di Masjid ini untuk sama-sama bersolat sunat aidiladha dengan ribuan rakyat jelata. Semoga Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Yusuff Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahu-Lah dan Raja Muda Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah ibni Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah dipanjangkan umur dalam memimpin negeri Perak dan terus memperjuangkan hak-hak rakyat jelata khususnya bumiputera.

  Sultan Azlan Shah

Anakanda baginda, Raja Muda, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah

Isi khutbah yang menggambarkan betapa dalam kita seronok membincangkan bilangan qurban yang dilakukan jangan kita lupa tentang umat Islam khususnya di Palestin dijadikan qurban oleh Israel khususnya Yahudi sendiri. Pengorbanan yang mereka lakukan itu terlalu besar sehinggakan sanggup mengorbankan diri sendiri atas nama jihad. 

9.30 Pagi-Pulang Ke Kampung Kepayang Fair Park, Ipoh

  With my sisters....

 Iqa bajet comel...Yang kanan dia lagi comel (kanan gambar,k)...kan kan...haha

Baby bwat2 cute....haha jangan marah ek

 Home sweet kampong

Dah lama gak x balik kampong...sebenarnya takbir di Kampung lebih seronok berbanding dengan takbir di kawasan bandar....sebab ape x tahu lar. Di kampung mungkin suasana kawasan sekitar yang tenang mungkin tiba-tiba bergema itu yang menyebabkan hati jadi sayu.

Padang golf tepi rumah....haha nampak cam padang golf ker?

Akhirnya menjejak jugak kaki aku ke rumah ni pas berbulan x datang...huhu

Cuba tengok gambar tu kat pokok bunga tu korang nampak tu satu makhluk...eeeeeee

Abah yang sempat surf internet time raye...

Ramai gak sedara yang balik kampung tapi rasanya lebih ramai yang x balik sebab sibuk kerja dan jarak yang jauh agaknyer lar. Hari ni macam2 ader kat dapur tu dari lemang, sampailah ke Laksa sumer ade....makin besarlah aku nampaknyer...haha.

Tiba jer kampung, aku salam ngan mak-mak sedara aku pas tu sebelum diaorang cakap ak dah makin besar ak yang cakap dulu diaorang makin beso...haha. Gelak jer diaorang...haha.

11.00 Pagi- Melawat Kubur Tok Non & Tok Lah

Di kawasan perkuburan Pulai Heights....

Abah disisi kubur grandma....

Di kubur Tok Lah...di kiri tu kubur seorang bayi yang meninggal dunia ketika lahir, syurga sedia menantinya

Setiap yang datang pasti akan kembali, seperti biasa setiap kali raya aku ngan abah akan melawat kubur Tok Non Ngan Tok Lah, my grandparents yang meninggal dunia sekitar tahun 2000, pejam celik pejam celik dah hampir 9 tahun mereka pergi. Namun doa kami tidak juga putus-putus dalam mengharapkan yang pergi akan mendapat rahmat disisinya. Amin.....

Entah siapa yang akan teman abah pulak tahun depan andai kata aku betul-betul praktikal di luar...huhu. Ni yang bwat aku nak praktikal kat Ipoh jek ni....huhu padahal Dato Rustam dah kata tempat dah ada...tah lar let the time decide ar....

1.00 Tengahari- Bersolat Jumaat Di Masjid Kampung Kepayang

 Deretan kereta yang parking di hadapan masjid kampung kepayang ipoh....

Ketika khutubah dibacakan....

Setelah selesai solat Jumaat....

Hari ni tajuk dan isi khutbah lebih kepada rukun islam yang kelima iaitu mengerjakan haji di Mekah bagi yang mampu dari segi harta dan keupayaan. Khatib menyeru agar kefahaman sedia ada iaitu mengerjakan haji selepas pencen diubah dan golongan muda patutnya mengambil peluang sedia ada dalam mengerjakan haji di usia muda.
Dadah haram di sisi Islam....ayat ni boleh dipertikaikan walaupun kita fahami maksudnya

Papan tanda di atas kita boleh pertikaikan sebab bagaimana pula dadah yang digunakan dalam ubat-ubatan adakah ianya haram, istilah haram bukannya bende mainan??...setiap manusia buat kesilapan kan, mungkin pihak tersebut terlepas pandang tapi pikir2 balik, takkan dia nak spesifikkan nanti panjang lar plak papan tanda ni...haha. Bukan mengkomen tapi sekadar prihatin dengan penggunaan bahasa melayu....ceh macam Pakar Bahasa la plak...naseb baek amek akaun..huahhuah.