Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Funny Pictures From Google... comment

Peringatan Kepada Yang Suka Buang Sampah di sebarangan Tempat....

Mungkin Power Rangers Biru ni penat sangat kot....


Apekehalnyer plak nih....

Huarghhhhh....makan budak makan budak....
Kalau dia advertisekan kat facebook mesti banyak comment....haha

Prof University manelah nih.....haha

Wallamak stylo la monyet ni....monyet pun taw stail

Awat tak letak dalam rumah jek....haha

Futsal @ Money Tree.....

Tengahari tadi ak dapat call dari Dr Zu, Timbalan Dekan Hal Ehwal Pelajar, dia mintak untuk menjaga registration Program Money Tree ahad ni. Masalahnyer, aku x gi Ahad ni sebab ade futsal...hehe. Sebab supposely Money Tree ni dibuat Sabtu, so nak tak nak petang ni kene naek ke pejabat untuk chek nama peserta yang boleh jaga pendaftaran. My 2nd Man pun x gi so camner..... so kene mintak tolong kat 1st Lady 2nd Man....haha.

Money Tree ni suatu program yang berkonsepkan marketing of idea for doing business for investors to invest on it or a concept where with idea all can be done. Banyak bende yang boleh dibelajar dari program ni dari presentation skill sampailah....sampai...sampai bila nanti, kita kan bertemu lagiiiii...hehe (lagu). 

Sebenarnya ada dua orang member team aku yang sepatutnya join Program tapi x join sebab futsal....hehe tengkiu ar korang. Tengoklah mungkin kalau ada masa aku akan lari sekejap ke Fakulti untuk pantau registration....kecewa jek Dr Zu bila dia dengar aku ade program Ahad ni.Tapi kalau nak pantau pun aku rasa takde masalah coz bukan jauh pun court futsal seroja ngan Menara SAAS, depan mata jer kot. Nak seribu daya, x nak seribu dalih....

Untuk Ahad ni, Ezri may not join us coz ade training badminton and thanks god coz a back up already prepared. Untuk Ijat plak, aye aye captain.....tapi kan tapiiiiiii......mana plak nak carik baju warna merah ni..... 

A Time For Us.....

A time for us....
Someday there'll be...
When chains are torn...
by courage born of a love that's free
A time when dreams
So long denied can flourish...
As we unveil the love we now must hide

A time for us at last to see
A life worthwhile for u and me....
And with our love 
Through tears and thorns....
We will endure 
As we pass surely through every storm

A time for us....
Someday there'll be a new world...
A world of shining hope for you and me....
A time for us at last to see
A life worthwhile for u and me....
And with our love 
Through tears and thorns....
We will endure 
As we pass surely through every storm

A time for us....
Someday there'll be a new world...
A world of shining hope for you and me....

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Happy 20th Birthday. Birthday Gurl.....

Happy Birthday Birthday Gurl.....

Berapa tingkat kek birthday tadi....

Those are the sms between my sister and me called baby, at the midnight of 28 March 2010, just in a few minutes more my big sister will grow bigger, 20th years old....haha. Sorry coz not back home at the moment coz I have a few tests. Thank for being a good sister....hehe yer le. Apa-apa mesti aku kene lecture dengan dia tapi pas tu aku lecture dia balik so masing-masing jadik lecturer untuk masing2...haha. 

Hope this year more successful than before and your examination result this semester on Science Foundation Program of UiTM allow you to take Dentistry. Pernah gak melawak ngan baby ngan Iqa, "baguih gak ek...abang akauntan, kamu dokter gigi, so Iqa jadik lawyer pun kire ok gak takpun ustazah....hehe".  Nilah kedua-dua adik aku yang menjadi tempat pembulian aku....hehe, almaklumlah yang sulung kene jadi pembuli dan yang kedua dan bongsu kene menjadi yang dibuli so then calllah  nombor talian di Tele Buli dan tengoklah citer buli balik...huah huah. 

Previously, baby nak amek farmasi tapi bila dia fikir balik then nak amek dentistry so it is better la at least for these few years when I'm still in UiTM. Coz farmasi kat Puncak Alam, and quite difficult for to me to get there....dok Shah Alam ni senang sket nak jaga budak ni....haha sape jaga sape ek....

Satu lagi tengkiu gak sebab sms nama accountant general and auditor general of Malaysia kat abang for preparation of the interview and the interview just went fine.


You Bright Of My Life, Love Story and Yesterday

These are the songs that I like to hear and never tired of it.....together with my favaourite song, My Way. If you noticed, my favourites songs are classic songs..haha old school tol la Acap ni but that is not important, what more important is meaning of the song for me......

1. You Bright Of My Life (Westlife)
"You Light Up My Life"

So many nights, I'd sit by my window,
Waiting for someone to sing me her song.
So many dreams, I kept deep inside me,
Alone in the dark, but now you've come along.

And you light up my life,
You give me hope, to carry on.
You light up my days
And fill my nights with song.

Rollin' at sea, adrift on the waters
Could it be finally, I'm turning for home
Finally a chance to say, "Hey, I Love You"
Never again to be all alone.

And you light up my life,
You give me hope, to carry on.
You light up my days
And fill my nights with song.

You, you light up my life
You give me hope to carry on
You light up my days
And fill my nights with song
It can't be wrong, when it feels so right

Cause you, you light up my life

2. Love Story (Andy William)
Where do i begin
To tell the story
Of how greatful love can be
The sweet love story
That is older than the sea
That sings the truth about the love she brings to me
Where do i start

With the first hello
She gave the meaning
To this empty world of mine
That never did
Another love another time
She came into my life
And made a living fine
She fills my heart

She fills my heart
With very special things
With angel songs
With wild imaginings
She fills my soul
With soo much love
That anywhere i go
Im never lonely
With her along who could b lonely
I reach for her hand
Its always there

How long does it last
Can love be measured by the hours in a day
I have no answers no
But this much i can say
I know ill need her till this love song burn away
And she;ll b there...
How long does it last
Can love b measured by the hours in a day
I have no answers no
But this much i can say
I know ill need her till this love song burn away
And she'll be there... 

3. Yesterday (The Beatles)
Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.
Now it looks as though they're here to stay.
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

I'm not half the man I used to be,
There's a shadow hanging over me,
Oh, yesterday came suddenly.

Why she had to go
I don't know she wouldn't say.
I said something wrong,
Now I long for yesterday.

Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play.
Now I need a place to hide away.
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Why she had to go
I don't know she wouldn't say.
I said something wrong,
Now I long for yesterday.

Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play.
Now I need a place to hide away.
Oh, I believe in yesterday.
Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Way To Glo......ria macapagal arroyo...

Baru tadi lepas abeh Kuliah CRG, pasukan kami buat perjumpaan untuk tentukan strategi pasukan, sapa main mana, team’s colour, training and about friendly match…..
About strategi….hehe rahsia le mane leh gtaw. In term of posisi masing-masing pulak, aku bakal menggalas tugas selaku benteng terakhir pasukan, uish nampaknya banyak le gol bakal bolos ni tapi takpe Acap takpe, kita men enjoy enjoy jek.During training seemed that I quite confident and really hope that performance during the game will be the same or better.
About team’s colour, colour pasukan Red Devil ngan The Reds menjadi pilihan kami….hehe. Sepadan ler dengan warna raket skuash aku….hehe xde kaitan. Maybe I need to find a new shirt coz my red shirts that I have do not suitable for playing futsal.
While about training and friendly match, we are planning to do training on Tuesday, Thursday and the final one in Saturday. On Thursday night, we plan to have a friendly match with a team outside….huish Nampak cam serius jek preparation ni. Aku pun dah mula cuak ni, lagi-lagi men di posisi yang bukan je kene kuat fizikal tapi gak mental…..whatever it is I will do my best.
Okeh lar until now see u later…  

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Why Do I Make A Comeback.....

Kadang-kadang ada yang tanya kenapa kali ni aku nak join futsal kali ni plak, and there are 5 reasons why I want to make a comeback:

1.Fill My Empty Times
After turun MPP ni, masa terluang terasa banyak. Yelah time MPP "there are no weekend we called weekend", macam-macam program ada dan kene hadir. And at the time, programs looking for us, but now we are the one who need to look for programs....

2.To be close to my team
This semester, I hold post as a class rep so I want to see a bond between my classmate, people always said a good leader is one who able to make teamwork so this is the opportunity to make it.

3.To be a person who can do everything. 
I have been a Class Rep, JPK, SMF & MPP so now the time I look for other jobs such as to be a singer and athlete.And it is really good if I can be a Imam @ Bilal and I'm looking forward to it. 

4.One of the factor during my matrix time success is by play football.
Yes, I admit that one of the factor of success during my matrix time is by playing football. Boleh bayangkan tak, almost everyday pas balik kelas mesti turun padang untuk men bola.

5. Enhanced my skill in goalkeeping.
I didn't have a long duration stamina so then the most suitable place or position for me is to play as goalkeeper. And I really serious to it, coz everything I do, I want the best from it.

Akibat Tidak Membaca Emel....

Aku baru bukak emel aku pada petang ini dan ini emel yang aku terima bukan untuk berbangga tapi untuk menyeru kepada semua orang lain agar rajin-rajin bukak emel  dan tidak buat cam aku dan yang kat bawah ni aku menang sebab aku sorang jek yang masuk pertandingan ni kot, Aku bukak emel ni pada 27 Mac padahal event ni 26 Mac....huhu.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Keputusan Pertandingan Menulis Esei "Bersama Lakukan Perubahan, Perangi Rasuah"

Sukacita dimaklumkan saudara telah dipilih antara pemenang Pertandingan Esei yang dianjurkan oleh Pihak PTAR dan SPRM.

Sehubungan dengan itu,saudara dijemput hadir ke Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah seperti ketetapan berikut:

        Tarikh        : 26 Mac 2010 (Jumaat)
        Masa        : 3.00 petang
        Tempat : Aras 2, PTAR 1

Sekian, Terima Kasih

Apa-pun terima kasih kepada Pihak Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak kerana bagi aku peluang untuk menyertai pertandingan menulis esei pada kali ini dan semoga SPRM dengan bantuan Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi dan IPTA/IPTS dapat membantu melahirkan graduan yang bebas rasuah.Sekian


-C O N F I D E N T- 

Pagi tadi aku bangun lambat sket dalam kol 7.30 pagi, terkejar-kejar gak ar....huhu. Dalam kol 8.30 camtu, Abang Zul amek aku kat Seksyen 2 untuk ke Seksyen 25 untuk sambung training. Bukan x nak g sendiri tapi alang-alang kemudahan dah disediakan so gunakan le betul x?

Sampai jek kat sana, ak lepak dulu sambil tunggu giliran, boleh plak terserempak ngan Sobre, a Sabahan from Beufort. Cayalah bro, aku ingat aku sorang jek yang kamikaze, wat training hari ni padahal 2 test esok....hahahah. (X tak tau la gelakkan sape tu, gelak je la ek, x kene bayo pun). 

Sambil tunggu giliran tu, aku tersenyum sinis gak aku bile aku tengok budak-budak yang ambik training motor, aku tergelak bila teringat time aku dulu...haha. 

So when the time comes, aku pun training cam biaselah dengan Abang Ronnie, cikgu memandu aku yang cerewet dan kuat membebel (Baca: Aku suke dengar dia membebel sbb sape lagi nak membebel kalau bukan dia...hehe, but perlu diingat dia membebel sebab kat luar nanti takkan ada orang yang akan membebel cam dia so tengkiu Abg Roni). Hari ni, wat first time dalam sejarah, enjin kereta tak mati...hehe. And semua halangan ditempuhi dengan ok....(ok je le, nak kata mantap, aku still sangkut lagi kat bahagian parking). 

After wat Bahagian 3, kami gi keluar untuk training QTI lak.....huish cuak gak lar, nak tukar gear pun x berapa nak pandai lagi, I need more training but I'm confident that I can do it coz cam tak susah cuma praktis and praktis so then it will be perfect...insyallah. The test will be conducted on Monday at the evening, so alhamdulillah la.

Balek tu, abang Zul ambek and dia berkongsi pengalaman dengan aku time dia bekerja dengan Telekom dulu time Mukriz Mahathir jadik GM, dia berkongsi pengalaman yang aku rasa cukup memberi beberapa input  yang berguna antaranya:

1. No Default In Your Job Be A Perfectionist Or You Need To Do It Again

2. Working Is Not Only About Money, It Is About Problem Solving

3. Build Networking With All Including With A Rival Company's Employees, You May Need It Someday...

4. When Do A Job, Give Full Commitment Into It....

5. As an accountant (Dia Ex-DIA) you not only need to know how to prepare accounts but also technical part cam wayar-wayar optik but depend to the company business le. (Maybe aku perlu, coz UMW ada macam2 machinery)

Tu jer kot input yang aku ingat tapi kalau nak cerita pengalaman dia secara detail....hehe next time kot, whether the story betul atau tak , wallahualam.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Training Kereta, Test CRG, FAR, Mesyuarat Dinner & Interview.....

Esok awal-awal pagi dalam kol 8, ak akan menyambung balik training kereta yang mana dah hampir 2 bulan aku tinggalkan disebabkan beberapa masalah yang tidak dapat dielakkan. Ikotkan perancangan, hujung tahun lepas dah dapat lesen...huhu. Kita merancang, Allah menentukan....

Andai kata training kereta esok berjalan lancar, Isnin ni akan ada QTI test with JPJ hopefully the test will be conducted at the evening coz I have an interview in the morning (BEL499). Dengan Fail portfolio tak siap lagi....huhu entah le. 

Ahad ni plak, ada dua test....12.00 hingga 1.30 petang paper CRG while 2.00 to 4.00 Far pulak..dekat giler kan waktu dia...huhu. Pas abeh je paper, ade mesyuarat pembentukan sekretariat dinner. And kalau sempat petang tu akan training untuk competition 4 aribulan ni....menang bukan target kami tapi sekadar enjoy yourself menjadi pegangan...hehe.

Okeh ler, nak sambung wat CRG......

So to all my readers that will take both papers I want to say Good Luck and May God bless us...aminnn...

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Iktiraf (Raihan)

Wahai Tuhan ku tak layak ke syurga Mu
Namun tak pula aku sanggup ke neraka Mu

Ampunkan dosa ku terimalah taubat ku
Sesungguhnya Engkaulah Pengampun dosa-dosa besar

Ila hilis tu lilfirdausi ahla
Wala aqwa alnnaril jahim
Fahabblitau batau wafir zunubi
Fainnakarob firul zanbi azim

Dosa-dosaku bagaikan pepasir di pantai
Dengan rahmat Mu ampunkan daku Oh Tuhan ku

Wahai Tuhan selamatkan kami ini
Dari segala kejahatan dan kecelakaan

Kami takut kami harap kepada Mu
Suburkanlah cinta kami kepada Mu
Akulah hamba yang mengharap belas dari Mu

"Something Go Up Will Go Down"

These past few days, I .feel that I got a new inspiration and alhamdulillah, today once again I come early to the class. And once again that is not what I want to say but the important thing I is what I want to share what I have learned from the MAF Class today  from Madam Norli Ali, who tought us about Asian Economic Crisis.

But I really like it very much when one of the thing that she said is

"Something Go Up Will Go Down"
whatever go up will go down.....

Yes, I really accept the fact of it, yes our life sometimes at the top and another time at the bottom same as what wheel is as we noticed.

Until next post......

With Regards...

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Comeback After Three Years....

I just back from Futsal training, need more training coz I will play as Goalkeeper for the team....ResQ Team...haha name cam paramedik jek. Right now I reading a few website about goalkeeper manual. Baru first men dah injured jari kiri ni so camne....huhu.

Website below are the websites for a beginner goalkeeper or a goalkeeper that make a comeback like me.....hua hua. (Click At The Links)

JB Goalkeeping

Goalkeeping Advice

BBC Sport Academy

Futsal & Rumah Sewa....

Semalam dalam kol 10malam, ak, ngan bakal bebudak rumah aku carik rumah di luar untuk next semester dan part 8 nanti. Bukan kami x sayangkan jati cuma kadang-kadang apa yang kita sayang tidak semestinya milik kita dan selamanya milik kita. Aku dah tinggal kat bilik kesayangan aku ni 4512 selama hampir 1 tahun 6 bulan, so sayang sangat kat bilik ni. Bilik nilah yang menyaksikan pelbagai perasaan dan jugak kerenah aku. Bilik ni jugaklah yang terpaksa mendengar aku menyanyi pada setiap masa....hua hua hua. (other than my roomate....haha)

Tempat yang menjadi tumpuan adalah di Seksyen 8 dan g tengok rumah dia, tapi pilihan yang ada sume tinggi-tinggi cam "Penthouse"....chewah...haha. Bukan kami xnak exercise dok kat "Penthouse" ni tapi tapiiii....tapiii....(ape ek nak carik alasan....hehe).

Pilihan kedua kami di Seksyen 7 tapi yang menjadi kebimbangan adalah tentang level of safety dan ketinggian Penthouse dia yang berada di tingkat 6 yang mana macam tinggi jek. Risau jugak dengan kadar kehilangan motor kat sana....cukup tinggi. Mengikut statistik yang dikeluarkan oleh Inspektor Sahab (dalam citer Kluang Man)....kecurian motor di Seksyen 7 hampir mencecah 3.5 juta setiap tahun. Samaada statistik ni benar atau tidak, itu kena tanya dia.

Smalam gak aku sebok mencongak formasi yang nak digunakan next week untuk futsal competition nanti. Aku x taw ar nak men mane, rase2 nak men GK, dak pun men kutip bola pun ok gak.....haha. Until Tuesday next week, it is quite impossible to do training coz 2 test hujung minggu ni. Kami pulak bukannya selalu men futsal, men skuash ngan badminton tu slalu le.. so target kami untuk join futsal kali ni adalah untuk menjadi lalang yang menganggu pasukan gergasi untuk menang....hahahahaha (sambil gelak cam Red Devil yang menang lawan The Reds aritu)....

Okeh lar, jam nak menunjukkan kol 8.07 pagi saya nak gerak pi kelas nih....hari ni kelas Far ada group asessment plak. So cayo cayok la Acap.....Have A Nice Day To All My Readers....

Monday, 22 March 2010

Forgot, Error and Cost...

Today when I went to the BEL499 Class, I come early and maybe the earliest history of mine in UiTM but that is not what I want to said, it is about what I forgot when I come to the class today. Yesterday, I pomised with Adnan to borrow him my blazer and give it at around 8am then when I realized it, I need to go back to Jati (My Sweet 2nd Home). Then for me, it is an error, then when it is an error it also a cost to me....opssss..silap costsss....
When we talk about costs do not mean solely in materials but also in term of time and energy. I have wasted time, energy, and also money for the petrol. A lesson I got is that I must list down all the things before do something then the wasted costs will be reduced then eliminate. 
Let say the price of time I wasted equal to RM10, then energy I used cost me RM3 then the petrol I used equal to RM2 then the grand total costs was RM15...wah a small "forgot", make it an error then make me to bind a cost of about RM15. Kalau 10 times, if I do the same mistakes 10 times it will cost me RM150, then if I do it 100 times..pergh....

So what can I say is that one of the way to reduce our living cost is by reduce your "forgotten" matters or one of the best way to make it is to list thing that you want to do and you want to bring then it will be no "forgot forgot" matters, when it there are no "forgot forgot" matters there will be cost minimization for you.
Ashraf Zabidi

Pemikiran Menentukan Siapa Kita....

Pemikiran dan kotak minda merupakan suata senjata motivasi yang amat penting untuk setiap insan di muka bumi.Pemikiranlah yang akan membentuk siapa anda??? Positif atau negatif itu terpulang kepada pemilik minda tersebut, andai kata positif, maka positiflah yang anda akan jadi dan sebaliknya

Seseorang yang berfikiran sebagai seorang juara akan bertindak seperti seorang juara...
Seseorang yang berfikiran sebagai seorang usahawan berjaya akan bertindak sepertinya...
Seseorang yang berfikiran sebagai seorang pelajar cemerlang akan bertindak sebagai seorang pelajar cemerlang....

Siapa pun anda ingin jadi ia terpulang kepada tuan punya badan dan tuan punya minda tersebut. Tepuk dada tanyalah iman dan tanyalah minda anda, anda ingin menjadi orang A atau B, orang berjaya atau tidak, orang biasa atau orang yang 'extraordinary', orang yang sekadar melukut di tepi gantang ataupun memberi gandum kepada orang lain.

Apapun ia bergantung kepada anda, kerana di dalam hidup anda,

andalah penentu....
andalah peneraju.....
anda jugalah pembantu...
dan anda jugalah pemilik pemikiran yang bakal menentukan siapa anda....
yang mungkin menjadikan segalanya yang anda fikirkan....


Ashraf Zabidi

Sunday, 21 March 2010

APACS Dinner....

Yesterday, I have been to Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) in Putrajaya of coz. (haha) for APACS Annual Dinner 2010. I went there with Alia, Fana, Hajar, Khalisah, and Fifi, Faculty's New MPP@SRC.

Putrajaya International Convention Centre

Unfortunately, we arrived there at 9.00pm which supposedly arrive at 8.00pm. At the time, the VVIP in that night have finished his speech. We went to the registration table and said sorry to the committees 4 our late arrival. Actually we arrived there late because SMF have its KPO or Kursus Pengurusan Organisasi which ended at 6.30pm.
Apacs Annual Dinner 2010 with its theme Starstruck, Breaking Boundaries, Soaring Heights
In unfortunate events, there is a fortunate event when we went to the Ball Room, at that time the dinner just served and just waited for us to take a bite of it.....hahahaha. I said to Khalisah, "....pengajaran kita hari ni, kalau event camni yang tulis datang kol 8, kita datang kol 9 so dapat terus makan, x yah dengo speech"..haha.
Food served during the night are marvelous and awesome....haha yer la dah lapo sume pun sedap. We shared our table with Ija (New President of Aftas) and Fiqul, while next to our table, there are my vice director and Secretary General of Part 8 Dinner, Aiman and Jes. Sincerely said last dinner was better than this year and not saying that this dinner worst because I think I can give up to 4.5stars to this program.Congrats to Atman, PD of the night.
Right after the event ended at around 1am, before back to Shah Alam, we take a round in Putrajaya...take picture here and there and for me the view are very scenic. But sadly, I have to refuse their wish to go to KLCC coz I have a Talk of Company Secretary at 8am. I'm so sorry my friends...huhu. Maybe next time, we will have a chance to go there together.

And I felt that the journey back to Shah Alam are very long when Alia drive. Bayangkanlah pakai potong jerk kiri kanan jalan, nasib bek Fifi jadik co-pilot. Nak harapkan aku, training pun x abeh lagi, yer lar time kelas driving je mesti ada test ar ape lar,....mcam2....last-last license which supposely I got last December still x dapat-dapat.

In the journey back I remain silent, entahlah rasa cam fikirkan sesuatu tapi x tahu apa yang difikirkan, Entahlah these past few days I felt that something is missing and I felt that my feeling are unstable. For me when my feelings are unstable, I just keep silent and sometimes may make others to be bored with me. Not saying that I am a emotional person but what can I say is that I worried of something, but I don't know what is it...tah lar cam celaru sket but I think the term "celaru" is too heavy for me.

We arrived at Shah Alam in 3am and I slept at 5am and I need to rise up as early as I can coz the CRG's Seminar will be begin at 8.30am and the subuh...ermmm ermmm Acapp Acappp pe nak jadik ni...

Friday, 19 March 2010

Second Performance.....

The picture above is the picture taken during my song of My Way during Malam Watikah SAF Kepimpinan Fakulti Perakaunan UiTM Malaysia. Actually it is the second performance for faculty which the first one I did it during Hari Kecemerlangan Fakulti sem lepas. Time tu aku nek pentas ngan Krol, seram sejuk gak kaki tapi sampai kan aku duduk kat ceruk pentas. But this time, x rasa apa2 plak.....(Baca Bukan Riak Tapi Maybe Enhancement Of Confidence). Kalau lagu tu diputarkan dua kali pun aku bleh nyanyi....hehe insyallah. 
Kumpulan Nasyid SafWa

Aiman And Erin during rehersal at Dewan Kuliah B, Menara S&T

Before The Program....
Menyingkap lagu My Way yang pernah dinyanyikan oleh Frank Sinatra, Elvis ngan Robbie William ni sebenarnya lagu ni memang ada kaitan dengan aku, I am the type of person who always want to do things in different ways and in my way so the title of My Way really suit with it.

Gimik Perasmian ngan James Bond...idea Fana nih...

Meja VIP....MPP ngan Mantan....aku insist untuk duduk di meja VIP sebab nak praktis b4 nek ke pentas and as biro program kene lari2 kot...tu yang kalau perasan aku ada pakai bunga cam Mirul time perform

Semangat giler Mirul bagi Ucap tama dia....haha cayalah Mirul.

Cam Korean la plak.....haha
Actually during the performance I didn't took dinner that served and I just take it after the performance, naseb bek bebudak kat meja aku tu x makan banyak so pas performance bleh aku melantak bebanyak....hehe yer ke. By the way I shared the table with Din, Halim, Erin, Fiqul, Hazwan and Dinie. Sedap gak, tapi yang aku paling suka daging lamb dia tu har...but I didn;t took the prawn not coz x sedap but coz I am a type of person who not mixed Foods from the sea with the land...haha btoi ker term tu. Pendek kata aku x makan lar benda yang bercampur antara makanan darat dan laut is important for our body.

Huish bahaye betul bebudak ni bwak senapang lak datang dinner...haha

After jek performance, aku ngan geng Program...Nisa & Syafiq went to search for Associations' Presidents and Ex-Presidents or Ex-President Rep...hehe, to inform them that they need climb up the stage for 'Baton Passing' Session.

Mantan Setiausaha Agung ngan Bendahari Kehormat SMF 0910....tima kaseh Fiq ngan Tim

For me, I'm satisfied with this program and to all the committees and all the times we wasted for rehearsal are paid back, tunggulah trip kita nanti ek....nak g mane? Perancis ke Korea.....haha

Cayalah korang....tunggu kita nyer trip ek....hehe sori cancel aritu

Sumber Gambar: Khal....tq very much...u have did a good job as technician...with Aiman, A Nikonian....haha

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I Need A Turning Point....

I don't know what happened to me this semester, everything seem terrible. I try to do my best on almost everything but the result really make me disappointed and regret. Seems that there are no more passion in everything that I like or love to do before.

Maybe this is the time I need to go back to the root for us as human being who sometimes forgot about our creator when we are too passionate with our life. 

Ya Allah, as a human being I am nothing, without luxuries that you gave me I'm only a needy who always need World in my side and never think about hereafter. Although it is the destination for us, for me sometimes I forgot about prayer, I forgot about Al-quran, I forgot about Hadith and As Sunnah, and I also forgot to say thanks to Allah, our creator.

Thank you Allah coz you still looks for me when I am in the road where there are no turning back but there are a stop centre where a human being can look over himself, to think about sins, sins to the Creator, to peoples and to his environment.
Ya Allah, I know I lost my focus because I never think that prayer is a big deal as a human being especially a man called himself Islam.I don't know when is the last time I recite and read Al-quran & Yassin. I don't know when is the last time I went to mosque other than Jumaat Prayer. Oh my god, what a 'unthankful' man I am....huhu.

Ya Allah please lead me the way that a way towards people at your side coz I'm just a 'weaky' and 'unthankful' man that seldom say thanks to his creator..huhu

Monday, 15 March 2010

Run Over.....

Entahlah... I dun't know what to say about it, coz I feel that right now something run over me. I dun't know what it is? Or maybe it just my imagination that something run over me. But, I 90% sure there is sumthing but I dont know who or what it is? But only one thing that I afraid off, I afraid if what I feel just my imagination in the time when I expressed it. 

I don't want to express any words at the time where there is no certainty. 

I don't want to repeat miserable history,

I don't want to hurt anyone especially,

I also don't want to say something that may make others to say I'm  a needy,      

Coz I have faced it twice already...
God please make the way come out ready...

Ready for the one who know that my life is a journey... 

A journey that need someone to be along beside
But for sure now not the time already....

Tambahan pada suatu lagi High Profile Case Forever....

Tak dapat disangkal lagi Kes Pembunuhan JFK atau John F Kennedy merupakan suatu kes yang berprofil dan tidak dapat diselesaikan misterinya sehingga hari ini. If you interested to know about it, feel free to explore this case in the High Profile Case Menu, and reveal information about the JFK Murder.

Selangkah Ke UiTM Dan MegaSales Kat Stadium Shah Alam...

Lepas penat bekerja untuk program Dinner semalam, aku ngan Zaimi, member bilik aku ke Dewan Raja Muda Musa untuk saja round-round atau bahasa politiknya kita panggil sebagai turun padang untuk melawat tapak Ekspo Selangkah Ke UiTM dan jugak sebagai lawatan mantan MPP ke booth-booth sekitar. Tapi sebelum tu kami lepak kat Seksyen 6 dulu untuk makan tengahari.Sebenarnya tujuan kami nak dapatkan beg-beg free yang lawa dan cantik jek...hehe

Selamat Datang Ke Ekspo Selangkah Ke UiTM 2010

 Di Hadapan Pintu Masuk
 Papan Alir Pendaftaran

Kaunter BPP

Booth PTPTN, antara booth yang paling banyak duit...haha

 Kaunter tumpuan dimana buku uitm yang lawa lagi cantik menjadi rebutan....jumpa Akmal mantan MPP kat sini sebab dia tengah praktikal dengan bahagian Komunikasi Korporat UiTM

 Undang-undang dan lawyer tidak dapat dipisahkan....yer ke?

Orang yang menjadi VVIP di Dinner malam semalam sedang menerangkan kos yang ada di fakulti...cayalah Prof Dr Ibrahim Kamal Abdul Rahman, moga fakulti terus meneraju Akauntan Profesional Bumiputera ke arah global

Lepas tu kami lepak jap kat stadium untuk window shopping yang mana akhirnya aku membeli jam baru yang berharga RM15 dan charger hendset baru sebab charger semalam tertinggal kat KGSAAS yang berharga RM10 yang mana total = RM25.
 Kat depan stadium tu ade booth Astro yang memberi hadiah kepada setiap pelanggan yg menjawab dengan betul, Zaimi yang berbaju merah tu semangat mendengar...hehe jangan mara ek Mi...

Sales di Stadium Tertutup Shah Alam....

Friday, 12 March 2010

I decide for just a song instead of two....

Lepas fikir panjang....kot, aku pun decide untuk nyanyi satu lagu jek malam esok iaitu my way. Sebab tah bleh cam x sehat plak ni, suara plak2 garau2 jek ni, biasenyer suara macam Robbie William tapi dua tiga hari ni cam Doremon jek suara. So 1 lagu pun jadik ar, sebab esok pun aku akan jadi flow manager,so to make the flow run smooth I decided to give up one song and give the songs to my members. 

Malam ni ada rehersal....hahahahahah abeh la yang datang sok menangis ar biler aku nyanyi sebab merosakkan lagu...ha..ha...ha.

Esok pagi ada rehersal gak and nak decorate dewan kat KGSAAS tu dan kalau ada masa nak perform ar, kalau bleh ar. 

It ends until now, to all my readers have a nice day and "bonjour".

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lepas jadik Atlet Jadik Artis pulak...

Sabtu lepas jadik Atlet Skuash untuk MICPA Acc Week and sabtu ni  plak time majlis watikah perlantikan, aku time tu akan incaj as Biro Program and akan perform dua lagu pada malam tu, first song my way (Robbie William and Frank Sinatra) dan lagu kedua dari Hijjaz (Rasullullah) yang mana lagu kedua ni dengan kumpulan nasyid aku, Krol, Sayuti, Alip ngan Shaari. 

Lagu My Way sebenarnya one of my favorite song dan the first time aku kenal lagu bila bapak aku yang bukak lagu ni. Best gak lirik dia, tah la aku lebih minat lagu country berbanding lagu sekarang yang berkonsepkan rock dan hip hop. Lagu Hanna Montana cam Butterfly Fly Away pun minat ar gak. 
In term of praktis aku risau dengan lagu Rasulullah sebab x banyak berlatih dan maybe esok baru nak berlatih....huhu. Budak-budak group aku pun x bagi confirmation lagi. Last-last kang aku jugak yang solo atas pentas tu...huhu. 
Whatever it is I hope can do the best during the event in term of program and in term of performance.  Below are the lyrics for both of the songs.

My Way

And now, the end is near;
And so I face the final curtain.
My friend, I’ll say it clear,
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain.

Ive lived a life thats full.
Ive traveled each and every highway;
And more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Regrets, Ive had a few;
But then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption.

I planned each charted course;
Each careful step along the byway,
And more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Yes, there were times, Im sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew.
But through it all, when there was doubt,
I ate it up and spit it out.
I faced it all and I stood tall;
And did it my way.

Ive loved, Ive laughed and cried.
Ive had my fill; my share of losing.
And now, as tears subside,
I find it all so amusing.

To think I did all that;
And may I say - not in a shy way,
No, oh no not me,
I did it my way.

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught.
To say the things he truly feels;
And not the words of one who kneels.
The record shows I took the blows -
And did it my way!



( 1 )
Rasulullah dalam mengenangmu
Kami susuli lembaran sirahmu
Pahit getir pengorbananmu
Membawa cahaya kebenaran

Engkau taburkan pengorbananmu
Untuk umatmu yang tercinta
Biar terpaksa tempuh derita
Cekalnya hatimu menempuh ranjaunya

( korus )
Tak terjangkau tinggi pekertimu
Tidak tergambar indahnya akhlakmu
Tidak terbalas segala jasamu
Sesungguhnya engkau rasul mulia
Tabahnya hatimu menempuh dugaan
Mengajar erti kesabaran
Menjulang panji kemenangan
Terukir namamu di dalam Al-Quran

Rasulullah kami umatmu
Walau tak pernah melihat wajahmu
Kami cuba mengingatimu
Dan kami cuba mengamal sunnahmu

Kami sambung perjuanganmu
Walau kita tak pernah bersua
Tapi kami tak pernah kecewa
Allah dan rasul sebagai pembela

( ulang korus & 1 )

Tuesday, 9 March 2010