Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Road To London 2012

Alhamdulillah, after a few weeks prepared for Nottingham Malaysian Games 2011 I went to that university on the 12th of November 2011 to play squash. Pergh....I dunno how to describe it, the courts fulled with talented young players. I won all my term of cheers or "sorak" ar...hehe but in term of game play or the sport itself I loss..hehe. I lost to the Manchester University, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI), Lancester University as well as to the host university, Nottingham University.

So instead of talking about how bad I was in the squash game during the event, 
it's better for us to talk something else =)

At Nottingham University

Walking @ Cycling...xleh naik bas ke....hehe
Archeology, Classics & the Museum
It was my first time being a referee =)
Nottingham Basketball Court 
Bus stop which located in front of Nottingham Sports Centre 
The only sport that Teesside went through until final 
Which the finalist is our head of contingent..Teesside University vs Aberystwyth University from Wales 
He won it....congrats Hadi...Champion of Checkers @ Dam Haji =)
Hadi's Biggest Supporters

You're on the right road to London Hadi...tu pun kalau Dam Haji ada kat olimpik....hehe

Last but not least, the best part of this event was 

Malaysian Food Festival....biggest since 1984

One of the stalls...when you want to buy foods please don't convert Pounds to MYR =)

If you convert 

Nasi Lemak =  £4 = RM20 

Nasi Ayam Berempah = £3.50 = RM17.50

Sup Ekor = £2.50 = RM12.50

Kuah Durian = £2 = RM10

Teh Tarik =£1=RM5

Drumstick =£1.50 = RM7.50

Bersyukurlah hidup di Malaysia yang kaya dengan makanan dengan harga yang murah tapi 

kalau makan kat hotel sama je harga cam kat sini =) 


Syara Mohammad said...

untunglaaaa.... =___="

rindu Farah... =(

Ashraf Zabidi said...

xpe Syara sekarang rezeki kami lepas ni rezeki Syara pulak ^.^

tu ar rindu Farah kan =)

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