Saturday, 17 April 2010

Rumah Sewa & Final Exam...

Time flew like wind or sincerely said more faster than everything we can say...

A red Ferrari F1 Car, A Magnum Gun, A Tornado no one equivalent to the speed of time.

Final exam will be on next week (just 3 days from today...huhu) starting on 21st April with the AIS630 paper then a killer paper MAF630 two days after that.....huish. Then FAR430 then QMT....perghhh....straight 3 calculation papers. But thanks god coz there are 9 days lagging time b4 favourite paper.

Just now met with the house rental agent to confirm with her that we will rent her house in Padang Jawa, a terrace house in one year contract basis under my name. RM800 per month, which quite cheap actually for a terrace house, but for the deposit quite much gak....around RM450 per head (times 8 means RM3600.....RM1.2K before agreement another RM2.4K during check in). We will check in around 24 May.....after zoo community program, back home for two weeks then check in.... I plan to do a Yassin Recitation in the day we move in....insyallah.

We met her at McD S2, after the agreement we talk about our course and she told us that she has been a PTD before and also a Financial Controller. She also told us that it is quite boring be as an accountant, she suggest us that to work abroad after. His son is a vice president of HSBC Bank, true or not I don't know but from the way she convinced us seemed it is right. Kalau betul lar..senang nak mintak sponsor dinner...huahua...boleh plak fikir camtu.