Sunday, 15 November 2009

Bengkel Teori Dan Praktikal Kereta with Yasmin...

Today is a big day in my life when, for the first time I move a car by drive it...haha cam tak cayer je.

This morning, I went for breakfast with my father at Intekma Resort Coffee House, really really kenyang man..haha. But I really have limited time there when I need to go for my car theory class and practical training.

At Intekma Resort, their breakfast provision bleh tahan....sedap

After that, I went to Metro Driving Academy in Kampung Melayu Subang for my car that morning just theory class about car...but the class really best coz the teacher also a funny funny one ar...There I meet with a girl named Yasmin which an accountancy diploma student from UiTM junior...haha.

Metro Driving polis la plak academy academy ni...haha

While in the evening I go for car practical class together with her with a car lesson 's teacher, Abang Shah, alhamdulillah for the first time in my life I make the car move by drive it...haha what a jakun man ar, but while I driving the car when I look at the mirror at the backside I really feel funny coz Yasmin sajer je maen2 kat belakang 2 sampai ak tak leh tengok blakng..haha.
Yasmin tengah training kereta...oh tadi ko kaco aku ek, ko tengok ler ak kaco ko camner plak...haha

After that I balik to Shah Alam together with Yasmin and other friends...together with abang Zul children...he have five sons which I play play with them during our journey..(way)...back to Shah Alam. Before back to my room, I go to Kolej Melati to take my laptop from sister ar.

I like the car pattern..lawa ar, cam taxi kenari yang masuk dalam UiTM jek...haha

Ok see u, until next post....


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